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[練習快音] Tips for young students for practising quick passages.



Whilst frequently being asked by students via Whatsapp how to practise quick passages, I would love to share some common tips used by music students..=

1) 其實快音一向是我的弱項。為了感受學生的難處,特意選了 Charles​ 弦樂四重奏中一段頗難的選段,從零開始練習。

Quick notes has always been my weakness. In order to feel the stress ans difficulty, I filmed practising from 0 with an excerpt from Charles Kwong 's L' impression string quartet.

2)樂段本身是 sul pont,現暫不加上。並有漸快記號,

The excerpt is originally written Sul Pont with accel., but for illustration purpose I am not doing sulpont at the moment.

3) 首先,找音和好的指法弓法。最好把指法寫下,以免加速時忘記。

Slowly play through the right notes. Write the best fingerings and bowing for better memory.

4) 尋找重要的音,有助 muscle memory。

Get the important notes as a 'GPS' guide.

5) 用不同的節奏和弓法練習,以增強自己的左右手協調。

Practise with different rhythmic pattern and bowing patterns for both hands' coordination.

6) 慢慢加快,可用拍子機協助練習。

Slowing increase the speed, may use Metronome to assist


Hope this can provide some motivations for students (and myself) who have no school.

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